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Client Associated Businesses, Inc. and PharSafer® Associates Ltd. Announce Global Alliance to Focus on Pharmacovigilance and Data Management Needs of Companies in Health-related Industries

Client Associated Businesses, Inc. (Niantic, CT USA) and PharSafer® Associates Ltd. (Surrey UK) have announced an alliance to address the growing needs of companies for quality pharmacovigilance (PV) services, as well as tailored offerings in the data management (DM) clinical trial segment.

Since 2002 PharSafer® has been providing pharmacovigilance solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic industries, in addition to being one of the most effective training organizations in the PV space. PharSafer® has the capacity to operate as a complete Pharmacovigilance and Medical Services Department/Organisation of Client companies, performing all of the activities expected in order to be compliant with the necessary legislation. PharSafer® may provide PV services in either Argus® or ARISg®. With clients across seven continents and with offices in the UK, Middle East, India and plans in 2015 for new offices in Australia, PharSafer® has an exemplary record for case accuracy repeatedly achieving 99% on all cases as well as being a prolific processor, processing over 350,000 individual cases in 2012, as well as writing over 250 PSURs/PBRERs/DSURs/ RMPs/REMs for Companies.

“PharSafer® has positioned itself in drug safety with a highly regarded service model for providing pharmacovigilance services to a variety of international based clients.  With their expanding client base they were looking to partner with a company who could provide staffing based in India and who could also provide parallel data management services for clients looking for a full service approach.  We look forward to advancing our alliance with PharSafer® and are confident that the synergies to be afforded by our collaboration will provide benefits to our collective Clients,” said Paul Bellenoit, President and Chief Executive Officer of Client Associated Businesses, Inc.

“We are very pleased to have Client Associated Businesses as an alliance partner,” commented Graeme Ladds, Chief Executive Officer of PharSafer® Associates Ltd. “Pharmacovigilance has become an increasingly important component of the clinical regulatory process, continually becoming more global in nature, and with post-marketing surveillance and active signaling becoming the normal expectation of all pharmaceutical Companies the alliance fits perfectly from having quality data right from the clinical start.

‘’Through our expansion with the operation in India of Client Associated Businesses, Inc. and their extensive data management experience we are able to provide more companies with the same quality PV and data management services in the most cost-effective and management-efficient manner.”


Partnership with Medrio®

CAB is in the process of establishing at partnership with Medrio® which will allow us to provide a solution to clients who are looking for a fully validated and cost effective EDC solution.

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